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October 29, 2021

In this two year of outbreaks, we have all seen how fundamental the role nursing plays in society, and how vital is for nurses to count on the correct medical workwear for their jobs.

At Tianyu Textiles,  we provide millions of metres of fabric every year to doctors and nurses around the world. With the demand to keep medical staff protected being higher than ever, it’s important to understand the best products available.

An important element to consider when selecting medical workwear fabrics is the composition of the material, the ideal blend being 65% polyester and 35% cotton, compared to a 100% cotton fabric,  polyester cotton provides greater strength and abrasion resistance with a lower shrinkage rate, ideal for garments that need to be industrially laundered. This type of fabric is softer to the touch and light weight adding cooling and wicking properties to make it even more comfortable for the wearer.

Tianyu Textiles  best selling 120gsm Plain, 145gsm Twill, 175gsm Plain, 185gsm Twill,  210gsm Twill and 245gsm Twill all provides outstanding comfort, durability for the wearer and we offer crease resist finish for better appearance.

The most common colours for medical workwear are light pink, bottle green, hospital blue, hospital grey, navy and royal blue, but they tend to differ depending on the customer's requirement.

Antimicrobial medical workwear fabric

Since 2020, protection against bacterials and virus has never been so important. Tianyu Textile quickly adapted to this need, we develop and applicate of antibacterial properties to fabrics for workwear.  This technology developed by Sanitized® to be applied to fabrics, that offers extra protection by preventing the colonization and multiplication of bacteria, mold and mildew, algae or dust mites. therefore reducing the risk of a healthcare worker becoming infected by secondary diseases.

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