210gsm丨65%Polyester, 35% VORTEX-Spun Cotton丨Twill 2/1 | Wrinkle Resistant

Fabric Description:

Tianyu Textile provide hi-tex Brighten Workwear fabric. uses cotton vortex-spun yarns and contains optical brightener for a long-lasting, bright white. By vortex spinning the yarns, all fibres start from the centre and run outwards, creating a yarn with twist present in the entire yarn. Make the fabric the extra benefit of high resistance to pilling and abrasion, meaning this high- quality fabric will give the end user a longer product life cycle.

Key Features:

  • Optical brightener for a bright white
  • High resistance to abrasion and pilling meaning garments last longer
  • Lower pilling rate releases less microfibres when washed
  • Low hairiness
  • Smooth appearance
  • Less shrinkage
  • Good moisture absorption and dries quickly
Colour Card
  • Bright White 11-0601 TPX

    Bright White 11-0601 TPX

  • Snow White 11-0602 TPX

    Snow White 11-0602 TPX


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