Polyester Workwear Fabric

Tianyu Textile supplied a wide choice specification of Polyester and Nylon fabric options to outdoor clothes and outdoor workwear.

We use only high-grade polyester and nylon fabrics, with the softness and good wear resistance. we provide the treatment on the polyester/nylon fabric, can be waterproof, tear-resistant, warm, comfortable, breathable or HiVis according to your requirement.


COATED Waterproof Fabric

Our fabrics are often used with additional coatings:
PU (polyurethane) – inner colorless coating which provides water- and wind-resisting properties. Waterproofing capacity varies from 200 up to 5000 mm of the water column.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – inner thick rubber coating which provides complete water resistance. It has low thermal- and electroconductivity.

The coated WR Fabric offers EN 343 3:3 conformance at a competitive price.

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