Cotton Workwear Fabric

Сotton fabrics show very good breathable characteristics, it is hypoallergenic, soft and good-handfeel, it is suits perfectly for people with skin hypersensibility. , but the durability of сotton fabrics are inferior to synthetic fabrics.

It has high water-absorbing capacity and low thermal-conductivity, therefore it is an ideal material for both summer and winter clothes: in summer it prevents your skin from heat, and in winter it preserves the warmth of your body.

Cotton fabrics are easy to dye, have very low elasticity characteristics, so they almost don’t stretch.Cotton fabrics are easy washable and can be ironed even at high temperature.

Сotton fabric is often used with WR (water resistance), OP (oil proof), flame retardant (FR) finishes, Tianyu Textiles also provides cotton fabric with antistatic fibers. (please check for Functional Fabric)

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